We started as a small team of friends who all happened to have celiac disease. Because our condition forces us to eat in a certain way, we had a lot of difficulties and went through tough times. But we did a lot of research, expanded our team, and here we are.

Enjoy Recipes

We help you enjoy food without hurting yourself. Food can be a pleasure source, but it does not have to be dangerous. That’s why we have so many recipes from our dieticians and professional chefs.


Expand the community

We are here to expand the community and make it grow. Be a part of our team in New Zealand. We also want to help the research programs and raise awareness of the problem that is celiac disease. We’re working with manufacturers in New Zealand who can help with allergen labeling as well as the production of gluten-free foods.



We are more than just a website, we are here to bring awareness to a large issue that is allergens. Enjoying food should be something that everyone experiences and we want to make that a reality. Whether it’s by giving you the best recipes for food that is gluten-free or by urging manufacturers and organizations to make their food gluten-free, we are here for it. We understand your struggles and that is exactly why we’re working with researchers, writers, cooks, and dieticians to bring you the best possible content that you will enjoy and benefit from.

Gluten-free eating is not just

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