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Gluten-free eating is not just a recent hype trend, it’s a healthy choice that a lot of people actually need to take to manage weight and optimize their health. We recognize the growing community of gluten-free eating, whether you suffer from celiac disease, or if gluten just upsets your stomach, we’re here to show you that you can still enjoy food without gluten.

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A lot of people have trouble eating especially when going out, or worse, when traveling, that leaves very little options for food. You will learn how to find foods that have no gluten, and how to make them taste amazing.


We’re happy to see that New Zealand is a country that is slowly but surely being health-conscious, though we still do not have a lot of brands that offer gluten-free options, the trend is there. Our role is to guide you to the best brands that offer delicious gluten-free food, and ways to cook that taste just as good.

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The gluten-free diet


Where to find it:

You can find gluten in Wheat, Oats, Barley, Rye, or any food that contains those ingredients such as bread, cake, pastries, etc.

What is it:

In simple terms, gluten-free means eating anything that does not contain gluten. You can do this either by eating packaged food that does not contain gluten or by following a diet that doesn’t have gluten.


Some of us suffer from celiac disease which puts your small intestines at risk when eating gluten. If you have it, then you definitely know it. However, avoiding gluten can actually be a good thing for many people despite not having celiac disease. Eating a lot of carbs can cause insulin to spike, not to mention, it can increase the caloric intake which leads to weight gain.

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Enjoy our selection of recipes to bake bread, cookies, cakes, and a variety of foods that taste exactly like the real deal but with no trace of gluten.

Exercise choice:

Ready to enjoy exercise, well, we have a lot of ways you can enjoy the activity without it being boring. Come on! This is New Zealand, there are so many things to do that not only burn calories but also help you have fun.

Diet advice:

We have helped dozens of people in New Zealand lose weight with our easy to follow diet advice that is gluten-free friendly.

Gluten-free brands and products:

Though most brands do not have a gluten-free option, you can rest assured that a lot of them are giving many options to people who either have to be gluten-free or choose to be gluten-free. You will find the best brands that support our diet style in

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